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The art of deal more than the art itself

“When I started 25 years ago, collecting was romantic, but it’s not anymore. […] Today it’s become business and guarantees are just part of the equation.” said Philippe Ségalot, a contemporary art consultant and private dealer. May marks the beginning of the auction season in New York and now, more than ever, art has become [...]

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Art Everywhere: when streets become free open-air galleries

Launched in 2013 in the United Kingdom, the Art Everywhere project presents art in public spaces by using billboards as free open-air galleries. This year, the initiative has been retaking in the United States by the Dallas Museum of Art in collaboration with the Whitney Museum of American Art, the National Gallery of Art in [...]

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How to resolve Broadway’s failing attendance?

Broadway is world-renowned for its famous musicals. Nevertheless, Broadway’s attendance has decreased for the past three years. How to explain this phenomenon and to what extent can this trend be reversed? Broadway’s drop in attendance has long been attributed to the increase of ticket prices. However, recent surveys reveal that price isn’t the first and [...]

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How to measure cultural value?

"Activities that are good in themselves are good for the economy, and activities that are bad in themselves are bad for the economy. The only intelligible meaning of 'benefit to the economy' is the contribution – direct or indirect – the activity makes to the welfare of ordinary citizens." insisted the economist John Kay in [...]

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The new paradigm for museums: take it or leave it

Over the past decade, museums have had to face new economic and social realities. Operating in an increasingly competitive leisure market and losing public subsidies, museums have no choice but evolving and renewing themselves in order to attract new audiences and shape a better tomorrow. Nowadays, the capacity of an institution to manage change is [...]

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What if your audience became your partner through crowdsourcing?

From its inception in 2006, crowdsourcing has deeply changed the relation between consumers and marketers. This phenomenon is especially significant in the field of arts and culture. From then on, creation is not only confined to physical spaces but it’s thriving on the Internet. Cultural organizations can then take advantage of crowdsourcing to convert a [...]

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Don’t Forget to Save! Preserving Video Games as Works of Art

With the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s recent acquisition of two popular video games, it has become clear, that as a medium, video games can be interpreted as art forms. In this article, author April Fehling, explores the challenges that museums face as they attempt to preserve video games in their tangible forms, which include their [...]

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Sacred or Profane? “Religious Art” and the Role of the Museum

As society becomes increasingly secular, this article addresses the issues which confront museums as they exhibit “religious art” to the public. How can museums exhibit religious objects as historical artifacts? Are museums transformed into “sacred spaces” when they do so? What roles do the architecture of a museum and its curators play in the presentation [...]

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The Plight of Museums as “Nonprofit” Organizations

Has the kind of philanthropy which pointed towards supporting nonprofit organizations like museums reached its benevolent zenith? Here the Alliance’s Center for the Future of Museums explores “the unintended side effects of philanthropy in the cultural sector.” Although well intentioned, some of the long term ramifications of generous funding have had some unexpected results. A [...]

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“The Box” – A Growing trend in the Architectural Design of Museums in the United States

Curves are out and right angles are in. Discover the developing design trend which is becoming popularized by world renowned architects Renzo Piano, David Chipperfield, Tod Willaims, and Billie Tsien, among others, to build museums and museum extensions: the box! Has a museum design which serves to benefit a collection triumphed over a design which [...]

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